Rey Gutierrez


Makes awesome @PlayStation. Directs, shoots & edits music videos/commercials. You can spot my work on PlayStation, Vevo, Fuse, VH1 and MTV.

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2472 days ago


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Lugoves 2319 days ago

I went for the psn logo and my PSN ID lol

_soWHAimNaddict 2319 days ago

It's cool but If I got one I wouldn't make it that large...Just in case you get fired Lol

alexandrebaraka 2471 days ago

WTF? LOL , crazy gamer..

Castr0phony 2471 days ago

Twitpic is about right for this one...

SolidRake 2471 days ago

Thought about getting one like that. Either on the arm like that, or down my back. Hmm.

BethanyMixon 2471 days ago

Haha that's so awesome.

samybt 2471 days ago

i think it could looks better on the neck :D

Dy5function 2471 days ago

cool beans

TezzaMcJ 2471 days ago

tribal tats

BrittanyKszy 2471 days ago

Definitely wish I had this on my arm.

chocolakai 2471 days ago

DUDE, fuckin hardcore!

DarSergevna 2471 days ago

Looks really nice

bitboydz 2471 days ago

Cool Tat!

Helmesley 2471 days ago

i like the 8001050F tattoo idea much better. it describes sony perfectly! damn sob

themanticore 2471 days ago

better not press any of them or PSN will blow it up.

Lugoves 2471 days ago

MiguelAngelX7 2471 days ago

Ima get one in the future. I been with playstation all my life so why not :) going to do a small one though

NostalgicDays 2471 days ago

"8001050F" beats this.

Lissa1979 2471 days ago

That's messed up.

Powrev 2471 days ago

PUCK - P + F = YES!