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The cover of the March 8 issue of Sports Illustrated, on newsstands Wednesday

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2339 days ago

The cover of the March 8 issue of Sports Illustrated, on newsstands Wednesday


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_itsmeaudrey 2317 days ago

see that ugly piece of shit behind him? FUCK OFF KESLER YOU RUINED THE COVER.

nickkree 2330 days ago

, i never said they were i just stated that hes a great player that represents both Canada and the Pens, and that regardless of the lost to the USA i love sid the kid

BrittnayLauren 2334 days ago

Where can I find this? I've been to every bookstore that's sells magazines and no one knows what I'm talking about ...

Sinpho 2338 days ago

He's an Utter God among men.

davidpcrawford 2339 days ago

Sounds like the rest of you are jealous.

whattim 2339 days ago

I am a Blackhawaks and USA fan, but if I was going to pick someone to score that goal, Sid was at the top of the list.
Go Hawks

roberto91 2339 days ago

Unlucky kesler ;-)

Maleah87 2339 days ago

i love sid nuff said

pensfan6427 2339 days ago

okay, i think i will buy it ! he's beautiful haha

pensfan6427 2339 days ago

wow, another cover for crosby...humm...miller should with crosby on the cover...nevermind...congratz sidney crosby !!!

willmarcello 2339 days ago

Sid had a good tourney against every team's top D. Others played better, but he scored the goal a whole country will remember for decades.

_KoJack 2339 days ago

Not that Sid was invisible he was on a very deep team. I noticed him he beat the swiss in the shoot out. Must just me me?

_KoJack 2339 days ago

He scored one lucky goal? I guess the other 42 this season were lucky to in the nhl. Give it up. He is the best in the world. Ill give you it all day ov is the best goal scorer. There is a fine line between goal scorer and being overall best. And its not

rmartyr 2339 days ago

nba playoffs soon and then baseball - our American friends will have forgotten all about hockey soon enough. Miller was great but Crosby beat him - period,ergo ... the SI cover

allydgaf 2339 days ago

I love Crosby & all. but I do believe Miller deserved the cover, not him. Sports Illustrated is in the US, so why should they have Canada on the front.. Hmmmm Miller was the MVP too!

Jordan_Stewart 2339 days ago

And before being called a USA homer, I want to add that SI is a very US-Centric magazine normally, so Miller deserves this honor just as much as a national sports hero himself.

Jordan_Stewart 2339 days ago

At least they had the wisdom not to put Ryan Miller being scored on in the cover photo, in fact he deserved the cover IMO. I love the Penguins and have nothing against Crosby, but...

edwardthefour 2339 days ago

Ryan Miller deserves a cover too

Steve_May 2339 days ago

Geez - Sidney got in the way of Ryan Kesler's cover shot!

suckmypuck 2339 days ago

scott_sabo is still pissed the wings lost in the final, lol @ all the blackhawks homer fans, and queens fans dont deserve an opinion. gtfo. crosby deserves this.