Kelly Clarkson


I am Kelly.

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2404 days ago


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BehNdHaZLis 2353 days ago

This picture... it just captures it all. LOL

aileebabexx 2375 days ago

it looks clean anyway haha :)

LilBit0318 2393 days ago

*LOL* Only you, Kelly...Only you! ;-)

Stan_Valon 2395 days ago

Ohh now isnt that a pretty picture :P

linsfernanda 2396 days ago

so they do not have crap in there

Ninz_412 2396 days ago

you may think i'm weird for this but i saved it on my computer LOL

Ninz_412 2396 days ago

HECK!!! WHT D HECK!! y in the world- this is so weird...

BehNdHaZLis 2397 days ago

yup - that is a toilet.... LOL

Janylein0210 2397 days ago

Which toilet was it? And where was it? Omg you´re so crazy

elisabont 2397 days ago

kelly,kelly. hahaha, why do you have this picture? you're so funny, really.

ilovejesus6 2402 days ago

what in the world??? LOL!

PrincessPurple9 2404 days ago

R u trying 2 tell us something? U feel like crap? U have fallen in? Charades? 1st word LOO 2nd word PEE - loopee :)

MsAmyyE 2404 days ago

Holy crap! (no pun intended) I'd fall in that sucker! It's huge.

Jaclyn319 2404 days ago

I know how important toilets are in life, but wtf? LOL

iPickJK 2404 days ago

did someone steel your phone and is posting weird pics with it now?

__Jenbug__ 2404 days ago

Really Kelly, taking this twitter thing a bit too far... some things should be kept private :-p

9ooner 2404 days ago toilet KC

febarroskc 2404 days ago

OMG. I love you, crazy Kelly!!!!

LAmouillaud 2404 days ago

But that's nice toilet, mine is blue and doesn't look so comfortable. May i borrow just five minutes? I'm just kidding of course. Lots of Love, and have fune! =)) I love you

AurelP85 2404 days ago

I have a question in my mind , What this picture mean for u ?? haha :D