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Ta da!!  Erock and his peanutbutter hat.

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2577 days ago

Ta da!! Erock and his peanutbutter hat.


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jffryy 2507 days ago


FlyTechGuy 2544 days ago


jackiedavala 2554 days ago

grab the oven mits!

Meowcrazy 2554 days ago

um i used to like peanut butter

mrrjr 2566 days ago

Holy shit that's epic. Too bad I missed that show.

cnjlvrr 2570 days ago

It's the Toxic Avenger!

page08 2572 days ago

A Real shit head

bawlhawg 2572 days ago

the evolution of the doodie hat.....genius, purely genius

MissLindsey420 2573 days ago

i'm more amazed at the amount of chins in the picture, fuck the peanut butter :-p

andrewgodin 2573 days ago

It's so runny...did they mix it with garlic butter saw?

TomK1121 2575 days ago

Stupid Erock! Looks like a retarded conehead!

dirtdart77 2576 days ago

that poor peanut butter....to have to be that close to e-rocks mouth

darrylhall1 2576 days ago

damn!!!! Kennys got a small head. Erock would rather have a garlic butter sauce hat , if thats possible

Lady_Trucker 2576 days ago

Beauty scool drop go back to high school.

americax 2576 days ago

Now lets get the Penthouse momma to lick that shit stack off his head!

synackfinack 2576 days ago

This looks like the shit monster from the Kevin Smith work of art Dogma.

RickSarasota 2576 days ago

pizza the hut from spaceballs.... NOW WHERE DO I COLLECT MY FUCKING PRIZE!!!

VooDooSue 2576 days ago

Starting to look like the shit monster from "Dogma?"

myAids 2577 days ago

erock u fucking suck so much dick.

realspen 2577 days ago

he looks like the fat wrestler at the end of billy madison. the blob right?