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Don't ask why. We decided to give Erock a peanutbutter hat.

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2454 days ago

Don't ask why. We decided to give Erock a peanutbutter hat.


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Radiomax 2451 days ago

Love this GOOGLE Ad onthis page!

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Call NJ Lawyer Currently Litigating Peanut Butter Cases 1-877-934-6274

rickyradio 2452 days ago

holy shit that's a lot of peanut butter! "I love the garlic butter sau..."

DMBsLilDarlin 2453 days ago

yummy. and i say that about Sam back there.

jimmysass 2453 days ago

"a man in your position cannot be made to look rediculus"...Oh

TheSmartypants 2453 days ago

Ironically Erock has the best hair in that photo.

tonyalva007 2453 days ago

fuck fatso...look at Sam!

yeagabaxander 2453 days ago

he looks like clayface halfway through morfing into a retarded fatso.

TheRyanGains 2454 days ago

That leather jacket is like Kenny's skin. Does he take that thing off? (c.f. Sam wearing a t-shirt in studio. How cold can it be)

ONENUT13 2454 days ago

dont let dave from ron and fez see it he will try and fuck his head

ona_fan 2454 days ago

Kenny's counting the bites he can from Erocks head. Not four, and not six. FIVE and FIVE only.

wackbag 2454 days ago

Erock the Hutt.

distinctkicking 2454 days ago

this is what i'll be thinking about when i eat my PB&J today??

cokelogic 2454 days ago

Did Erock get gum stuck in his hair? :p

daisylou2 2454 days ago

Sam is SO Sideshow Bob. I love it!

DanRico 2454 days ago

Did this just happen? Im not on XM now... Looks like the singer from the B52s without the red hair

kwaku1331 2454 days ago

It's peanut butter belly time, peanut butter belly time!! E-rock you fat delicious slob...FRUUUUUUNNKKKISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

talesin 2454 days ago

this bit stuck to the roof of my mouth

Lady_Trucker 2454 days ago

Beauty school drop out go back to high school.(Greese refference)

Casaal 2454 days ago

Bee hives are back.

comander_50_cal 2454 days ago

i heard he got a "nut" in his eye would'nt be the first