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frenchy1935 2461 days ago


olineconnolly 2490 days ago

That's the bib my aunt gave to him!!! Got in in Rehoboth Beach, DE! Glad he likes it! he looks so adorable in it!

Schumi23 2509 days ago

Très belle photo !!

Petitandgy 2509 days ago

Max est un grand mangeur comme son papa ? Paim et nutella c'est meilleur. Bebe adorable. Biss depuis paris.

Sufeii 2511 days ago

n'essayez pas de me piquer mon pain ^^
trop mimi :) (Sufei, Clermont)

youenncolin 2512 days ago

avec du Nutella? Fait attention Max, papa va t'en piquer!

frenchy1935 2512 days ago

bonjour max,bon appetit bisou a toi et ta maman,jacques d'aspen

PEETIEGIRL 2512 days ago

Great expression!! I would'nt try to take that bread away from Max!!

suzzi4u 2512 days ago

"Step away from the baguette, s'il vous plait...this baguette is toast as is Contador come July!" Just kidding, may the fastest finish first! "Go Daddy go!"

flowergirl7 2512 days ago

Where's the BRIE???

LarryBirdy 2512 days ago

"That's all good and well mom, but please return the remote........."

suzzi4u 2512 days ago

"Just wait until my real teeth come in!"

robinkeys2 2512 days ago

He is just so handsome. Thanks for sharing.

kokopellien 2512 days ago

hungry? sweet

Cora007xyz 2512 days ago

also the helpers of 9.11 who digged on ground zero had to go to Cuba to find first medical help for free in a hospita for their injured lungs, but couldnt get this help in US. That is a shame.

Cora007xyz 2512 days ago

Moore has shown in his film hoe mean the insurances are till now very often to the poor people and deniing them the right treatment inm case of illness even if they have an insurance. And also the volonteer helpers, heroes of 9.11. had to go to Cuba to fi

Cora007xyz 2512 days ago

By the way. saw the film from Michael Moore about the bad health system in US and the good health system also for poor ones in France and Britain. You should really try to change that in the US that by now not every one has a good health-insurance. You ha

Cora007xyz 2512 days ago

How cute. I see, that you already prepare him for France in July with then right food. All the best for you start in Murcia. You have a very nice livingroom there. But is it wise, when every burglar can the expensive Paintings?if it is really original Ch

drgforce 2512 days ago

Is that a Chagall in the background?

frankietristram 2512 days ago

j'ai toujours dit qu'il y avait quelque chose de français chez Lance ! :-)