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NEW PIC: Annie's most heartbreaking moment... #beinghuman

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1976 days ago

NEW PIC: Annie's most heartbreaking moment... #beinghuman


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LyraGW 1967 days ago

That scene had me so stressed out ! It was so intense !

naturewoman64 1972 days ago

My 12yr old son was upset during this scene too..It was wonderful when Annie got her revenge:)I hope he suffered terribly on the other side of the door!

katieliz21 1975 days ago

i did cry ='( how pathetic of me lol =]

sj_simpson 1976 days ago

No Annie! I really had to fight not to cry when watching this.

Shules_Lytar 1976 days ago

nooooooooo :`(

gositinabin 1976 days ago

That really really was the most heartbreaking scene I've seen, that and when she takes Kemp and appears on the broken TV. Brilliant, but awful at the same time.

ItsAmberrrAyeee 1976 days ago

dont like him

BloodyPearl 1976 days ago

that was cruel!

Lionesskeeper 1976 days ago

Poor Annie, her best but also most heartbreaking scene overall

angloirishgal 1976 days ago

Agreed Joooos...the being dragged through the door scene was one of her best I think..

joooos1 1976 days ago

So sad this scene. Brilliant acting from Lenora & Donald.

theladyreed 1976 days ago

most upsetting scene ever! So sad...

mybrightidea 1976 days ago

Lol Kemp really reminded me of someone in this scene and I can't for the life of me think of who :-S aww poor Annie :-(

Miriamwrites 1976 days ago

Meh. I was very disappointed in this. Why didn't you lot get rid of the priest and Lucy instead of our Annie >:|

designerjuice 1976 days ago

That moment really cheesed me off, poor annie :(