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NEW PIC: Filming in the snow for the epic final scene... #beinghuman

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2400 days ago

NEW PIC: Filming in the snow for the epic final scene... #beinghuman


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ItsAmberrrAyeee 2400 days ago

the last episode was amazing and tbh i neva liked lucy soooo am glad she is gone but herrick comin back?????? cant wait for series 3

Jan_Luvs_2_Rock 2400 days ago

can we shorten the year to 6 months please I don't think I can wait 12 to find out what's gonna happen

Lionesskeeper 2400 days ago

mybrightidea 2400 days ago

Yeah I've asked Toby on the blog hopefully he'll clarify #longliveivan !! :-D

f3ghoward 2400 days ago

Herrick is just so gorgeous - and I am a 54 year old geezer - bite me, bite me!

joooos1 2400 days ago

Maybe it's got something to do with the way Herrick was killed that meant he could come back. A question for Toby, I think!

mybrightidea 2400 days ago

Yeah thats one thing I did NOT understand - if they have the ability to do this why the hell would Daisy not bring Ivan back?! I love Ivan :-( and it just didn't make sense :-S

joooos1 2400 days ago

So glad Herrick's back! Can we have Ivan too purlease!

mybrightidea 2400 days ago

Oh and it makes me laugh that everyone is saying "ew hairy herrick" lol I never hear "ew hairy Mitchell" ...funny that :-P but I didn't think it was hair I thought it was mud?

mybrightidea 2400 days ago

HEHE Oh no idea how pleased I am to have Mr Watkins back! :-D Nahhh he's gotta be a zombie surely?!

ElizaAdoresRob 2400 days ago

Did not see that coming....Oooh what has Herrick Planned for George....Hurry up Series 3! ;)

Dodochicky 2400 days ago

YAY HERRICK! #AllHailJasonWatkins I wonder if he'll be a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid now? Heehee.

angloirishgal 2400 days ago

Do I spy a rather naked Jason here? And is he hairy or just filthy dirty from his bones being buried...poor man...

Lionesskeeper 2400 days ago

Heee, I don't care, I'm just so glad he's back(hope Ivan is too)

theladyreed 2400 days ago

eurgh! Hairy Herrick!