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Tweeps. What y'all think of this #wordaapp logo???

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2341 days ago

Tweeps. What y'all think of this #wordaapp logo???


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StevenTrommm 2340 days ago

u got two a's in the logo but only one in the website.... get on ittt nate

llayam 2340 days ago

Sorry, but I wouldn't buy a t-shirt with that logo on it. The slant on aapp is good, but the fonts are not.

JackB15 2340 days ago

Yo go to You could host a contest you tell people what you want and youll get like a 100 different design. I took that route and was please with how my shit turned out

mikster 2340 days ago

please tell me you didn't pay for this design. :/ not feelin it. hire a designer to do it right...or host a contest for design submissions. you'll be amazed at the talent out there.

chrisp88 2340 days ago

its ite, doesnt make me jump outta my seat tho

_MyLuster_ 2340 days ago

I think you should make the exclaimation point green Krypto-Nate! ;)

KDN4 2341 days ago

I think you need to implement something from the 206 in there.

OfficialEdgar 2341 days ago

nice wordapp!

AyoAsmar 2341 days ago

did u make dis? its ite

iKeepsIt100_com 2341 days ago

eh...its ok...but its not the one...word aapp!

troyterney 2341 days ago

its sickk use it!