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CPR class....ahhhhhhh!!! creepy doll!!!

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2342 days ago

CPR class....ahhhhhhh!!! creepy doll!!!


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ChelseaRoses 2320 days ago

AHHHH!! Looks as if the exorcist was a baby!

MissBree29 2321 days ago

it gave me the creeps..& i learned CPR on it!! but lookin at the pic now is funny as hell!

AaronGACfanpage 2324 days ago

that little doll is DISTURBING

MissBree29 2334 days ago

was trying to channel my inner Aaron..bwhahahaha!! thx Roo :D

its_Roux 2334 days ago

hahahah your face is freeking priceless.

MissBree29 2337 days ago

we would have soooo much fun goin to med school together, swear to gawd!! ♥

SaraSpizarks 2337 days ago

Your a trip Boo, I Effin' love you ♥.

MissBree29 2337 days ago

bwhahahahaha!! its heavy, too! i had to SAVE it! u proud? LMAO!

lucygirlaz 2337 days ago

That's f ing weird, dude

MissBree29 2337 days ago

i had to chill w it for hrs during my CPR class...sooo weird lookin! especially the tubes in its throat!!!

GOTHICVAMPRIP 2337 days ago

that is creepy as hell

KweenKim 2337 days ago of those paranormal babies

MissBree29 2342 days ago

practicing on this doll was a lil sad..still a weird lookin lil thang..

bansheekat 2342 days ago

don't strangle it!