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I taught David Archuleta to yo yo tonight. Hahhaa

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2014 days ago

I taught David Archuleta to yo yo tonight. Hahhaa


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chelseaintal 2012 days ago

dyan..your shoes? explain!

xsmthboutlove 2014 days ago

wooot, David looks soo cute:) I love the blue hoodie! :D his hair too haha :)

rhed31 2014 days ago

cute picture!!! yeah, I think it's the lighting and not purple highlights.

vintagepolka 2014 days ago

haha cutee! why does David's hair looks purple?the lighting?omgosh..your shoes=priceless!:D

Palrice8 2014 days ago

's soooooooooooo cute! Does he yo yo good?

chinanic87 2014 days ago

Great pic, interesting shoes!

mskayteegrace 2014 days ago

You worry me... well the fact you're wearin one lady's shoe does. The fact you teach american idol boys as adorable as David how to yoyo is pretty fantastic.

iAdreez 2014 days ago

lovin the shoes lol :), as cute n adorable as always :D, i is that what i think it is... with violet highlights! no way, awesome, he looks cute w/ or w/o them :D, but really lovin the highlights! :D

ArchieGabee 2014 days ago

LOL THE SHOES HAHAHA! MAN, 's really handsome with violet highlights on haha xDD

racheletaDMK 2014 days ago

LMAO at your shoes! looks so cute!!!

mifit5 2014 days ago

I was never good at yo yo. Maybe you can teach me? :]

riANALltimel0w 2014 days ago

nice shoes? and is super cute

JessyThinks 2014 days ago

lol u guys look tired and wats up D's hair and ur shoes??

mifit5 2014 days ago

Haha that's pretty rad. :]

samclason 2014 days ago

You are definitely not wearing matching shoes... what is with the red one...?