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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

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Up early on the tt bike on the trainer b4 we fly to Spain.

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1644 days ago

Up early on the tt bike on the trainer b4 we fly to Spain.


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600watts 1639 days ago

Hmmm Alberto has a lot to learn. Well I guess you do too. How can a seasoned (old) pro forget to train on his TT bike. Re; your velo news quotes yesterday. You sure do have a lot of people that suck up to you.

ronaldobelgica 1643 days ago

hola lance, bienvenido en espana, mucho exito en la vuelta de MURCIA - I shall be there in person to give you great support from the first stage of wednesday till sunday, good luck champ and succesful training here to, the weather here is very bad for th

LarryBirdy 1644 days ago

"Mirror, mirror on the wall....... who is the fastest of them all".........

ddritzenhein 1644 days ago

Nice Photo of you on the bike

ste960 1644 days ago

viva espana !!!!! go lance !!!!!

Sinuhehf 1644 days ago

Bienvenido a España!!!

tarryn007 1644 days ago

HEY LANCE....WHEN DO YOU ARRIVE IN CAPE TOWN? Can't wait anylonger :)

Raphael_Stock 1644 days ago

you´re the man lance!

LunarCanine 1644 days ago

I saw that cutout ...oops the shack

kokopellien 1644 days ago

cool take! like you to take pictures, bicycles and twitter at the same time. thought it was only women who could xD cool ;P

leon_beaumont 1644 days ago

I notice the speakers in the background what are you you listening to for motivation?

lydialyons 1644 days ago

not sure you are working out enough I think I need to inspect a little closer.

completerradise 1644 days ago

ummm yes please.

majklnajt 1644 days ago

Do you ever watch porn, while on a trainer? :)

ericcycle635 1644 days ago

5 stage Vuelta Ciclista a Murci comin' up!

ryadicaledward 1644 days ago

What do you like better rollers or trainers? I'm personally afraid to death of rollers. D:

ryadicaledward 1644 days ago

When you own a NICE bike like that... That lives in side like a person. I know mine does.

Rifeqna 1644 days ago

Try to win a real mountain bike race next year. Not some road race o dirt. You are the man bro just take it o the single track.

hughthewineguy 1644 days ago yeah, when living with lance armstrong i don't think a bike indoors is a negotiable? even if you beat him. unless you beat him on the track, and then, maybe, then you'd OWN him.

Flightless_Kiwi 1644 days ago

I hope AC knows you're coming for him...Go JP!