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I'm almost embarrassed to tell you that it took a while before i realized the backward thing. Key word: Almost.

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2345 days ago

I'm almost embarrassed to tell you that it took a while before i realized the backward thing. Key word: Almost.


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ShaneandBillie 2257 days ago


spacecoast_mike 2318 days ago

I'm guessing this is one of those rare times where when saying it forward it says something satanic? no? oh well...

JenMello 2340 days ago

LMAO It took me, as a BRAZILIAN, a few minuts to understand what it meant. You're AMAZING!!!

jennabryson 2341 days ago

Sweet! Can I come sing *back-words*?! You know, like back-up vox? Ha, ha, uh... {achem} {cricket, cricket} Yeah.

ezzieyguywuf 2342 days ago

I can't make out the 4th word :-P

FidMER 2343 days ago

Nice VOICE BUT BAD word LIKE ME.... hehehehe :)

naxxo 2344 days ago

What an ugly handwriting!! :P (your crazy fans will hit me), I also have such a handwriting... Greets from Tucuman

Nadirarch 2344 days ago

OMG! you're so pretty! and Little Voice is very very good album I've ever knew. and I can't wait to the next! it'll be great, I think! you're cool!

loulexam 2344 days ago


rachellouisev 2344 days ago

Ahh so excited!

lsandoval2 2344 days ago

haha. =). and ironic how you had to write the "this is backwards" part backwards. =P. (I love orla kiely! her designs are soooo cute!)

bsennello 2344 days ago

I'm almost embarrassed to ask: will they be real strings or synthesized? And who is playing them?

MARCUSOFGREAT 2344 days ago

When I saw this I thought of 'Alice in Wonderland', damn that movie is gonna melt my eyeballs! but you're album is gonna melt my heart. ANTICIPATION :) :o :) :o :)

cucumber0424 2344 days ago

haha, so cute, Sara. :D And the clock behind you is also backward. lol

kitty88blue 2344 days ago

Little Voice was really something and I can't wait for the next album! Love love Gravity . .

elizayuzon 2345 days ago

I can't wait. I bet it's going to be awesome :D

Jonasinmyveins 2345 days ago


jmcinerney6 2345 days ago

I'm really looking forward to your new album. Little Voice is awesome. Can't wait to see what's next!

KateLynnR 2345 days ago

i am sooooo excited for your new record
either way i know its gonna be amazing and worth the wait

puprocker5 2345 days ago

If only i can also practice on how to #write #backwards. Anyway, waiting on your next #album. Make it #perfect!