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NEW PIC: Make-up artist Marcus gets gory with the fake blood... #beinghuman

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2340 days ago

NEW PIC: Make-up artist Marcus gets gory with the fake blood... #beinghuman


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DarkenedFear 2009 days ago

Over the top much? Lol.

naturewoman64 2332 days ago

Are you sure it was fake??? LOL..

dreadpiratemick 2333 days ago

Ooh, looks fun.

mybrightidea 2337 days ago

Ahh is this the day that you were tweeting from set saying everyone was in overalls??

jamesgrayh 2337 days ago

The wonders of Marcus' mood swings! lol

avengemydeath 2338 days ago

haha - fun was had here!

AllieHorror 2339 days ago

I would love there job!!!

Kame411 2339 days ago

I just mass murdered a whole bunch of people! *big grin*

Rebekahdg 2339 days ago

You the difference between American TV and British TV. The British take advantage of peoples imagination, the American's don't... i.e you smear blood all over a carriage and it freaks us out, and over here, they show the process in which the blood got sme

Lionesskeeper 2340 days ago

Yay Marcus :D:D:D That's certainly a lot of blood

yadwhiga 2340 days ago


ItsAmberrrAyeee 2340 days ago


Dodochicky 2340 days ago

Ooh, eww and ahhh! LOL There's our lovely Marcus doing what he does best! MWAH! Wow, even the set looks scary! lmao

mybrightidea 2340 days ago

marcus!! yay! and blood lookin gooooooooood!! who did all those hand prints?