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Teeing up a shot off my Caddy Greg

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2317 days ago

Teeing up a shot off my Caddy Greg


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Clea_Five 2251 days ago

I love it ! Amazing ! =)

rmwpga 2308 days ago

Slighty shut at top , but you make a great move in the transition.. Have a great season..

happymiwa 2316 days ago

Hi Greg from Japan!! We miss you so much.

RuffyofLA 2317 days ago

Geez HSBC should have taken op to advertise. Wild shoes Natalie

MrBrianFlanagan 2317 days ago

Could have been worse...You should have tried teeing off from his nether regions!

tjalbert75 2317 days ago

I guess if I had to go, that would be the last view I would want too ... yikes! I hope that's a long tee ...

frednaught 2317 days ago

This will all end in tears...

VentisWorld 2317 days ago

I personally dig the red outfit!

chiwolf 2317 days ago

Does he owe you money?

heytom521 2317 days ago

Play it as it lies

SJHNatFan 2317 days ago

I always knew Greg was a little bit crazy.

readygolfer 2317 days ago

I see dead people.

Midwestfan 2317 days ago

I didn't even notice your caddy. Nice form. ;)

SergePreval 2317 days ago

Not enough money in the world for me to do this for you Nat. Sorry

Live4Sundays 2317 days ago

You're in good hands Greg!

cheechud 2317 days ago

very exciting

DAlexLewis 2317 days ago

Where's the after pic?

boballende 2317 days ago


LeftyNC 2317 days ago

That tee's not long enough :)

colmanc 2317 days ago

That's're in front of the tee marker ;)