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Some people tell me I'm as pale as these guys.

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2339 days ago

Some people tell me I'm as pale as these guys.


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snoegel_AQW 2333 days ago

the cape wings fall too much behind armor in standing position, more spread would look greater

MM_AQW 2336 days ago

Still waiting for a nice common looking vampire armor for nons

DTAQW 2338 days ago

Ha, i need a new armor. But that doesn't seem like its coming anytime soon. And maybe a CC sword.

Ropun_TSD 2338 days ago

Awesomeness vamp! :D

MM_AQW 2339 days ago

wish the cape was non, i need new capes

HayIVampi 2339 days ago

I agree with you. :)

Sammicolon 2339 days ago

Ooh,the sword looks pretty cool.

ddungeonmasterz 2339 days ago

*Smacks * NO AC REP ITEMS!!! ....I second that

_Darkot_ 2339 days ago

omg, i would LOVE that armor without the wings (although i do still love that armor)!! i hope a version without them comes out!

Sam_Wicks 2339 days ago

Omg..NOOOOO! darn Golden warrior remake '-_-

SirValor666 2339 days ago


QuestionMarkAQW 2339 days ago

Golden Warrior remake FTW!

SirValor666 2339 days ago

/e sees a new hairstyle coming soon. XD

therealpain 2339 days ago

i want it

Legnave_FEZero 2339 days ago

*Smacks * NO AC REP ITEMS!!!

VampireMax 2339 days ago

This is just the armor i was hopin 2 come! I rlly hope it is ACs!

Legnave_FEZero 2339 days ago

I'm lovin the hair, could you make one with a goatee?

NyarlathotepAQW 2339 days ago

Very nice. Only thing, as Beowolve mentioned, is the green on the armor seems a little out of place. Mainly that within the bat symbol. Have it color custom, perhaps?

ddungeonmasterz 2339 days ago

thnks Miltonius....the armor is epic

Snipehawk 2339 days ago

LOL it looks like a golden warrior.haha