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Does Magnum's mustache smell like pussy or does pussy smell like Magnum's moustache?

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2371 days ago

Does Magnum's mustache smell like pussy or does pussy smell like Magnum's moustache?


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yangyin099 2225 days ago

You're just one pussy shy of a hat trick, Sarah. Try again.. only a quarter.

CPtte 2234 days ago

Thats funny, thx

eddytilmant 2368 days ago

How do you know the smell of the magnum's mustache?

fishcrawler 2368 days ago

Probably smell like beans after Peter tried to make him eat beans on the Family guy

nickmcgee1 2370 days ago

...and did the "P.I." really stand for Private Investigator or "Pussy Inhaler?"

BerlinBlues 2370 days ago

His moustache does not smell like pussy. He is as gay as Christmas and never ate pussy his whole life.

lovepnk22 2370 days ago

and just why ae we smelling his moustache?

ChocolateEye14 2370 days ago

he looks like jey johnston

laserblue 2371 days ago

His tache is a retirement home for elderly crabs!

VictorySweet 2371 days ago

that's not actually even a real's a collection of leftover pubes.

Candyman450 2371 days ago

was I just really high or was your show last night actually funny?

nblevins89 2371 days ago

it doesn't matter which one smells like the other, they both rock

Gadget101 2371 days ago

Ha Ha, You said "pussy"

aurellejacquine 2371 days ago

more like a porta-potti at a state fair....

hey_hon 2371 days ago

just like napalm, it smells like victory.

MarieHalle 2371 days ago

Fuller brush man or bush man

hebcow 2371 days ago

Smells like Bigfoots dick

tillypink 2371 days ago

Good question....

rboise18 2371 days ago

Smells like Higgens asshole

Kendall_Koller 2371 days ago

His stache smells like pussy, but his chest smells like ass