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You know you tired when you fall asleep with your face underneath the seatbelt

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2281 days ago

You know you tired when you fall asleep with your face underneath the seatbelt


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KimberlyJaeX 2227 days ago

this is to cute!!

KguevaraFashRev 2244 days ago

He is funny!!! Lol

OSOBrinkBrink 2256 days ago

I lover your other boxers lol

Bad_Kitty1920 2257 days ago

Clearly he saw something that he didn't want to see...LOL!

julie1131 2260 days ago

Love your boxer!

lovebirds510 2260 days ago


missAirMax21 2261 days ago

he is so cute it's too cute aaaww make me think of my old pit now i have a pugg but miss my mocha.

Trecee 2270 days ago

ur dog is so lazy..he's always sleeping

Alice_1504 2270 days ago

so funny!!!!

Noberoni 2275 days ago

He is just blocking the sun out of his eyes!! LOL

MissCarterPR 2276 days ago

I had a boxer... His Name was "Snoopy"... But he got very sick & I had to give him away :(

504FIREBOY 2277 days ago


MsSexy_slim 2277 days ago

awww he's cute! lol

sportskitty 2277 days ago

reggie do your own your own pace..and you will have the best..go for beauty inside and out with substance..lotta things/people in life have pretty 'coverings'..yet not so pretty on the inside and may have deserve the best...

sportskitty 2277 days ago

beautiful dog....jus wanna hug him/her..but afraid might bite me...

vickymart 2277 days ago

OH!! my puppy make the same XD

pinkdishon 2277 days ago

know the feeling, i hate goin' to sleep in cars

ReemTheeQueen 2278 days ago

That is soooo cute :)

zuzana00 2278 days ago

he's so cute!!!! but please reggie never cheat on kim again. she's too pretty and way hotter than carmen ortega. she's on youtube giving a tour of your house - don't mess around with fame hungry whores!

CamiliaMetidji 2278 days ago

Hey !! Isn't this the kim's dog ...