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Foot Wolf by Richard Stell. Glad that's over, and now I get to keep him forever

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2372 days ago

Foot Wolf by Richard Stell. Glad that's over, and now I get to keep him forever


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kisses4killers 2234 days ago

It's hard to believe my toes look like urs, i kinda actually hate my toes lol :|

April_Wilson_ 2318 days ago

hurts when they shade/color that shit in!!!

BikiniModel_Tif 2326 days ago

Ouchh that was probably the most painful tattoo u got huh? You crazy mo fo I love you haha

tiffymhill 2366 days ago

that's a brave dog... licking your feet like that :)

samiam2286 2369 days ago

ewww stinky toes. lol just kidding. again in a weird mood tonite. Seriously, thats cool. :)

EyesOnFireJo 2370 days ago

I don't think it hurts much at all! I've 12 tats, both feet done, maybe i have a strong pain threshold

kisses4killers 2370 days ago

so mean someone said you have weird toes... but i heard feet tattoos hurt like a bitch! Thats one hell of a sweet tattoo!

Bevtoyou 2370 days ago

OUCH! I know that had to hurt!

EyesOnFireJo 2370 days ago

Love it benj, I have both me feet done :) here's my latest GC one xxx

PINKSTIGATOR 2370 days ago

Owch did that hurt??? Im getting my first tattoo soon behind my ear, do they hurt as much as i think?

Bevtoyou 2370 days ago

I have to hand it to you because my daughter said some girl peed her pants and screamed getting her foot done. :)

SueRiotGraphics 2370 days ago

Fucking A. That is so cool

_girlfight 2370 days ago

That's amazing..I well want my feet tattooed...But for once I'm actually pretty scared of the pain.

Txtattooedlady 2371 days ago

yay for new tattoos! if your ever in houston you should check out an artist named Ronnie Hadley also known as the skinventor. He does amazing things with color.

LindaSNJ 2371 days ago

I thought I was the only one with a pinkie toe that looks like that! Your tat looks really good

ddritzenhein 2372 days ago

Rad Tattoo Benji

ddritzenhein 2372 days ago

Rad Tattoo Benji

jessixoxo 2372 days ago

weird toes lol

QuiksilverTyla 2372 days ago

wow... you're braver than me, i was in agony with my backpiece alone! would never do my foot! but dude, you got some weiiiiiird toes haha! x

elisama_O 2372 days ago

why would u tweet your foot!!! ... Benji! thats not sexy! lol I love your tattoo