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I'm in Mens Fitness mag! April edition..on shelves now! As a little chubby boy I dreamt of this!

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2014 days ago

I'm in Mens Fitness mag! April edition..on shelves now! As a little chubby boy I dreamt of this!


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ChristineJaySRL 1979 days ago

lookin hottttttttttt....... jay.........

djazaiira13 2002 days ago

nice pic youre so beautiful!!!!!! but the man next to you is beautiful too loool

Funtastic83 2004 days ago

Great pic but i was very distracted by that mans butt hahaahaha....

urbanbeautyxo 2013 days ago

congrats, Jay...I would suggest every guy get some tips frm u! xDD ♥

Sibzzze 2013 days ago

Have u seen the state of the other guy? His ass is like massive. But swiftly moving on... u look amazing Jay!

SulavLimbu 2013 days ago


TheRealMilosz 2013 days ago

I wanna be like Jay Sean!!!

JaySean_Manila 2013 days ago

u dreamt of i! but now it's no longer a dream!! good job and congratulations! u deserve ALL of this.. :-) keep rockin!

SamarHamdan4 2013 days ago

Felicidades Estas tan guapo que me robas el aliento jjajaja igual no lo vas a entender

JaySeanSyd 2013 days ago

Congratz :D
proud that you finally got your dream !!!

JaySeanForever 2013 days ago

LMFAOO the guy wid da grey butt lmfaooo

alohabex 2013 days ago

the guy on the other page just ruins your sexy pic

DesiDon 2013 days ago

Finally an Indian on a fitness magizine

MiMisita7 2013 days ago

nalga me dios!!! lol

illicite 2013 days ago


sylar00 2014 days ago

i love how it says get big right on top with the grey ass XD

JaySeanNews 2014 days ago

you deseervveee the fronttt coverrr(:

Alerastafarisp 2014 days ago


RealNishh 2014 days ago


candykisses_13 2014 days ago

LMFFBO!!!! That weight must be super freakin heavy!! LOL U look great Jay Sean :D