Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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Sobolak14u 2057 days ago

5ef0 Hi take a look at

Babiigurl_Addie 2058 days ago

is that dead or alive??? ewwww seafood!

BS__Hannah__CP 2346 days ago

wow thats is one big ass crab... (ive seen bigger)

Boggsy26 2367 days ago


debbieroush 2369 days ago

ewwwwww!!! you really gonna eat that?

cafekatii 2373 days ago

you are such a cute person.

cafekatii 2373 days ago

you are such a cute person.

ghjei2002 2373 days ago

its a crab not a lobster. but good guess

nacechik 2374 days ago

check out the dude to your left, he looks very worried...LOL

MrsMShadows 2374 days ago

dare you to make a necklace out of it!!

baganszak 2374 days ago

Hey Zak you can take me out to seafood anytime

MaleaRudolph 2374 days ago

wow thats a big ass crab

BronColt1992_88 2374 days ago


ImThatGirl987 2375 days ago

i feel another winning andrew zimermen coming on lol

AMERICANWOLF74 2375 days ago

I wouldn't wanna pick that up!

Issa1222 2375 days ago

R u in San Francisco? That place looks so familiar. Fishermens Warf I think.

Kim_Garza 2375 days ago

lmfao that's just gross...I won't even touch them much less eat them lol.

Chrona133 2375 days ago

It's Zak with a Bizarre Food. lol. Crabs & lobsters look wierd when they're alive. Yummy when cooked.

GOTHICVAMPRIP 2375 days ago

damn that looks good to eat

LisaSavageGAC 2376 days ago

LMAO YOU GOT CRABS!!!!funny face your pulling!