Kelly Clarkson


I am Kelly.

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tal0424 2108 days ago


indiesoares 2115 days ago

Lovely *---*

MariR12 2144 days ago

coooool :)

aileebabexx 2144 days ago

ooooh, i love.....!!

subject_mah 2146 days ago

love it! i wish i can grow my nails that long.

Naydeeners1989 2156 days ago

Oh how pretty! A little flower on a black color nail. That's so nice!

LilBit0318 2162 days ago

*LOL* I just realized, that looks like it was one psychedelic nail salon!

JacobLA2 2164 days ago

This picture looks awesome and cool :)

Janylein0210 2166 days ago


te__estreso 2166 days ago

I love that ♥

tiffanytblack 2177 days ago


bethhhhh_xx 2179 days ago

ahhhhh I loooove that :)

febarroskc 2179 days ago

That deserves a kiss...weird, I know...but I really want to kiss your nail...including fingers and the rest.

jessm877 2179 days ago

awesome!! so any sign of those powers yet?? haha

xXLuMXx 2180 days ago

it looks fanstastic!!

Ninz_412 2180 days ago

what powers did it bring?? maybe there's a magic word to it? try sayin i luv u to it..hhaha it might work

MusicGirl4413 2180 days ago

So Cute Kelly!:)

ilovejesus6 2180 days ago

that looks very cute, Kelly. :) and, again, I know I have said this before and I know you've gotta be tired of me, but I am really sorry for being so rude to you. I really am.

FalltoEarth 2180 days ago

haha maybe you gotta believe in it harder?

k050408c 2180 days ago

Berk sorry :)