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Truth, beauty, and unkempt chest hair.

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I'm at zoka coffee in greenlake, working on a new comic

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1611 days ago

I'm at zoka coffee in greenlake, working on a new comic


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ch4rlie_scene 1476 days ago

dude im still waiting for this to come out :D when will it be finished? :)

theresamcweesa 1596 days ago

Awesome. I love the Greenlake area. I think I've been there.

pmdias 1611 days ago


sandstreampop 1611 days ago

looks awesome. me

spleeness 1611 days ago

heee! Can't wait.

animalmachine 1611 days ago

Order for me...I got to go to the bathroom

goblinbox 1611 days ago

Fireworks fuckin' rules.

noseponernombre 1611 days ago

the curly boy in the back looks like albert hammond jr...maybe?

KShermPhoto 1611 days ago

Yeah, curious why Fireworks over Illustrator...

Paceaux 1611 days ago

The fact that you use FireWorks is what makes you my hero. You should leap over there, pick up that bottle of Perrier, and smack that lady for not appreciating awesomeness.

Tristessa_27 1611 days ago

MOAR comics! FASTER!!!!! MOAR!!!!!

Izzy_Chubb 1611 days ago

Any special reason he should use something else for static images?
Anyhoo, how about tweetfan input, & then "best of" tweet fan ideas?

sacredgeometry 1611 days ago

Any special reason you are using fireworks?