Coheed and Cambria


We are a band from New York.

Found him!

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2348 days ago

Found him!


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weezilla 2348 days ago

glad to see you're enjoying yourself (at least it looks like it).

and lol at the dragon flies comment.

angiecolumna 2348 days ago

wow...a great morning with a great view... nice! (if its even a morning..) :p

caprisun_fun 2348 days ago

I luv the jacket!!! :D It's such a nice view of London and the river.

joningtonn 2348 days ago

I am diggin the shirt!

ZeroTribal 2348 days ago

Woo!!! Claudio!!

brownbesack 2348 days ago

London, of course!! Didn't see the Starbucks cup though.

JusticeCharlene 2348 days ago

I love light rain with overcast.

OblivionDawn 2348 days ago

I too, need to know what's in the Starbucks cup.

ryan_in_return 2348 days ago

I need to know what's in that Starbuck's cup sir, so I may go out and buy one myself. :D

colombianswirl 2348 days ago

Ironically, I was listening to "Neverender" when you guys found Claudio...

defiantmac 2348 days ago

he's gonna release the dragon flies in paris the french better watch out

andybloc 2348 days ago

alright london Baby!

cant wait to see u in newcastle in June!

AlexReedman 2348 days ago

why would the wonderful Mr Sanchez be in london ?

ryanmhammond 2348 days ago

Gwen Stacy on a Spider-Man shirt? nice!

pinkymcsmurf 2348 days ago

whatcha drinking? lol

Sophiler 2348 days ago

Where did you go mister? Hahaha

missyw2you 2348 days ago


sweetwatersrfr 2348 days ago

what a handsome man :)

NachaCampos_ 2348 days ago

omg pero si es Claudio :D

Mcfreakin 2348 days ago

i wish i was there right now :(