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My new favorite beer!!! Delirium Tremens

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2475 days ago

My new favorite beer!!! Delirium Tremens


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freewill35 2282 days ago

I love it too! Great choice Jessica!

Polgaraa 2296 days ago

best beer ever!

carlyjohnson 2464 days ago

and its a bar in Brussels, Belgium with the largest collection of beer you've ever seen!

myshelsimpson 2471 days ago

mmmm ahaha

CABALLOBRAVO 2474 days ago

hurra for all beers in the world,i like more than licuor

JennHas2Ns 2474 days ago

Mmm... The pink elephant and higher alcohol content. This is my favorite too!

Taniahunnicutt 2475 days ago

is it really any good? Jess pls follow me on twitter, I know u on myspace and nicole and ash but been w/out internet access for awhile kinda like out at ur grannys but back now miss chattin w/you xoxo tania

Soren_vdw 2475 days ago

Yeaah Belgian Beer :-) Love it :-) Good things come from Belgium ;-)

mrmojo23 2475 days ago

I didn't know u drank beer but what the hey

benoitdenoisy 2475 days ago

my to!!!

Bree_Ster 2475 days ago

I love DT! I call it the Pink Elephant beer :D

Steao 2475 days ago

yeaaaahhh ...Belgian Beer... If you want I send u a pack from belgium ;)

KillasRacing 2475 days ago

good beer !!!

insaintity 2475 days ago

The first time I had this was on tap in the East Village (NYC). The next morning, my palms smelled like honey. It was awesome.

tramoni 2475 days ago

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly love you more...

Drfakhan 2475 days ago

I'm going out to buy some of this beer 

lotsagirth 2475 days ago

I'd get you drunk, then.......

butterscotch563 2475 days ago

If I'm not mistaken, but isn't delirium tremens when you get the shakes from drinking? Hysterical!

BelgianNathalie* 2475 days ago

It's Belgian and really good; i didn't know you could get it where you live; fantastic! The brewery that produces it is actually close to where i live.

bdawnhill 2475 days ago

yay for beer! your wicked jessica!