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Best hospital sign ever.  Well done Northampton!

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2019 days ago

Best hospital sign ever. Well done Northampton!


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__Phantastica 1252 days ago


KaggyRatbags 1478 days ago

Don't take it so seriously Miles. It was just for fun. It's a joke.

MilesB70 1479 days ago

it's a rather unfunny hoax - can none of you see that the text dosn't match the background?

Natlily32 1605 days ago

toooo funny

djembefora 1680 days ago

Now we know :)

Chesterpudlian 1776 days ago


tijgerdaemon 1782 days ago

Ah, Becky_Stars - you're not thinking of the famous Northampton Lighthouse by any chance...? lol

ClareB_ 1782 days ago


adorablegs 1782 days ago

Incredibly hilarious!

Eve6410 1782 days ago

OH!!!! FUNNY!!

araarioo 1782 days ago

LMAO. Good one.

Less16Candles95 1782 days ago

Typical, our Northampton's never known, unless it's for something stupid! ;D xx

ladyofsalzburg 1782 days ago

Haha why didn't they do signs like this when I was there?!

ThingsGotBetter 1782 days ago

This makes me LOL so much!

kurtismarsh 1904 days ago

wow I bet the creator of this sign is the butt of many asinine jokes

DawnDiggons 2008 days ago

LMAO I just have to borrow this!!!Hillarious!

ankur2716 2008 days ago

LOL good one

DevilsChildsMum 2015 days ago

But this is where I was born! Pretty certain I used the front exit though...

Lediris 2015 days ago

Ha that is great! Nice find.

SilvrDrgn 2015 days ago