Sarah Palin


Former Governor of Alaska and GOP Vice Presidential Nominee

Trig's a fan! Go IronDoggers - be safe, ride hard, have fun lovin' Alaska's great outdoors.

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2483 days ago

Trig's a fan! Go IronDoggers - be safe, ride hard, have fun lovin' Alaska's great outdoors.


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LouisdeFrance 2290 days ago

sarah you are cool :)

zachwag 2470 days ago

LOVE this pic of Trig -- he's growing up to be a handsome boy! I know you're extremely proud of him!

Artist4Palin 2477 days ago

What a cutie pie. I smile each time I see his adorable face.Makes ya wanna smooch his face.
Palin in 2012

AKSarah 2481 days ago

Pretty cool to see how there are so many dumbass hypocrites out there just like me! You Betcha! GO USA!!

bthechange2day 2481 days ago

I agree with bassinapple about the hate-filled posts. But it has nothing to do with being a Democrat. It has everything to do with being a blathering cretin who is not intelligent enough to discuss real issues and so has to pick on a baby.

I am a Democ

Bro_Pair 2481 days ago

And the award for most adorable retard goes Levi's still the all-time winner baba booey baba booey

Terrye_ 2481 days ago

Well Hidraca, I've seen it all now (literally)..Wow, alot of sick & sad people out there!

CalebParke 2482 days ago


nargles 2482 days ago

Good race Todd and Scott Davis -- glad they are both safe! God Bless you Sarah!

AKSarah 2482 days ago

Looks like there is another quitter in the family. Todd quit the Iron Dog race today. :-(

Ennealogic 2482 days ago

This isn't the same Trig you had at the baby shower on May 5. Where'd you get the other kid, Sarah? And why did you need a stand-in baby?

PW4SP 2482 days ago

God bless you Sweet Trig. You are truly a blessing from God to all of us.
Blessings, Irma

AKSarah 2482 days ago

The answer is the ears. Look at all the pics of "Trig", especially as a newborn. They're different kids.

AKSarah 2482 days ago

OK, I confess. I was never pregnant with Trig and did not give birth to him. I've been bad.

LoreleiAmI 2482 days ago

What a blessing to see a photo of your little gift from God, Gov. Palin! Trig is a beautiful little boy...I love the sheer joy on his face! God Bless you and your family.

Mizzouqt 2482 days ago

Way to support your Daddy, Trig! Go Team 22!!!! Have a safe race Todd and Scott!!! : )

dsmyre 2482 days ago

Where is the real Trig?

Boltz3000 2482 days ago

This has got to be fake. The Sarah Palin I know and love would never use her adorable Down Syndrome child as a political prop.

lauralei62 2482 days ago

A beautiful little boy! Hi Trig ♥

amelia42188 2482 days ago

He's adorable Sarah!! He's so blessed to have such a great family. God Bless your family and Godspeed to your husband!