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I make stuff, actually I make up stuff, stories mostly, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, and actions. Thats me.

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2523 days ago


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veronow 2270 days ago

what wee you doing in Russia?

roan84 2277 days ago

queeeee lindoooooo

kryz_1180 2307 days ago

nice pic...cute XOXO

BieberPics 2309 days ago

moscow?! :D grreeeeattt haha:D come to germany!

maRina_aSSeRts 2313 days ago

come to Russia again!=))))

LuiseL_ 2356 days ago

russia yeah ! :D it´s very pretty there

sophiemansergh 2420 days ago

soooooooo preetttyyyy!

Konstpaus 2466 days ago

No bears :(

TatiaraLOverS 2494 days ago

Meu Deus, como é lindoooo................................

Intrpideme 2505 days ago

So close to Poland...

MariRafael 2512 days ago

It was very cold in Moscow!!!! You are cute=)))

KattyKeys 2515 days ago

Welcome Ashton)

Ksunia_88 2516 days ago

Red Square. Certainly, where still to be to tourists)))

my_hot_eyes 2516 days ago

haha))) REAL Russian man!)

xx_denise 2518 days ago


natalia024 2520 days ago

a little bit cold :p

Astartaa 2520 days ago

Как мило..)

Liberty_Nick 2520 days ago

Неужели так холодно? Попробовал бы он пожить в Сибири или Якутии...
Is it so cold? He tried to live in Siberia and Yakutia ...

c0wa 2520 days ago

Say hello to Lenin

AngelaLlorente 2521 days ago

Spain is better! Always sun (now it's ranning ups)(except in winter)