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I play a scientist on TV. Obsessive maker of things. Host of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel.

These are my boys, the twins, prepping for some birthday Go-Kart racing. Yay turning 11!!

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2438 days ago

These are my boys, the twins, prepping for some birthday Go-Kart racing. Yay turning 11!!


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hburger206 2433 days ago

Wow you must be an awesome dad :D As long as you don't tell them to torch the go-karts if they lose D:

Eyeseephoto 2435 days ago

I hope you haven't conditioned them to think everything must end in a huge explosion...

louloubean89 2437 days ago

This is ADORABLE. You are definitely the cool dad.

SakakiSins 2438 days ago

Great pic! You have beautiful kids! Happy Birthday! Hope they had a blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!

Muscleduck 2438 days ago

I wish my dad was as cool as you when I was 11 :(

Daltana 2438 days ago

My only question is whether they are taking the racing class or teaching it.

syntheticseraph 2438 days ago

So cute!! Happy birthday guys! :D

chidorism 2438 days ago

Happy birthday,Boys!! XDD

TravisWBrooks 2438 days ago

Happy birthday to your boys. Hope they get lots of cake.

ants_in_pants83 2438 days ago

Happy Birthday to your wonderful boys! :)

GOLDOVE777 2438 days ago

They reflect the true spirit of their Dad,adventure and pure thrill of life. PS. Adam Happy 11 th Birthday to your two fine Lads!!!

sickchuck 2438 days ago

shoe lace is untied. safety first !!!

sickchuck 2438 days ago

And next uncle grant will teach them how to draft a semi.

nedflanders12 2438 days ago

i'm the same age as them until later this year

aballing89 2438 days ago

You could have said "This is Adam and Jamie, at age 11, going off to do their first myth-bust. It involved M80s and bubblegum," and I would have believed it!

GrEg0rE 2438 days ago

wow dude, i didnt know you had kids?! haha

StilesTom 2438 days ago

They are honorary MythBusters!

clarat1976 2438 days ago

Can't wait to see them winning races for either NASCAR or Formula One!! Happy Birthday!

thebeatles81 2438 days ago

why is the way they dress not suprising oh wait hahah they get it from their faja im sure

AnnechantedRose 2438 days ago

Happy Birthday to them!