Kelly Clarkson


I am Kelly.

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2261 days ago


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indiesoares 2193 days ago

owww cachaceira XDD [2] HAHAHAHAHA

Debor4hGuedes 2250 days ago

owww cachaceira XDD

mftintraining 2257 days ago

Oh sweetheart put the bottle down, you've got too much talent.
Just kidding, that looks really good.

jorgeluisillo 2259 days ago

colorblind as I am, I can't really see if its red or.. well I don't know... but looks delicious.

lidiviana 2259 days ago

ohh beautiful color...Cherry is great but stop drinks miss KC..haha :)

AshtrayGirl555 2259 days ago

Your show was awesome last night, you were amazing. Thank you !!!

marissadaye 2259 days ago

You have got to try the Framboise (raspberry) I don't really like beer either(sad seeing as I live in Brussels) but it's the best! Your concert last night was awesome! thanks for coming to BXL!!

katyasarsol 2259 days ago

amazing last night, way to cool
all the girls are in love with this beer ;)

xFEBRUARY 2260 days ago

you were great, awesome! I love you!!

EllieG_JessieJ 2260 days ago

I wish I could be in AB in Brussels :(
Stupid mom :'(

anoukdice 2260 days ago

Hopefully you enjoy your stay here 8D You're gonna be awesome ^^

addicted2kellyc 2260 days ago

you totally should drink german beer in cologne !! we have the best beer ;) ... K├Âlsch ^^ many different sorts of Koelsch ^^ .. try it ;)

AshErbe 2261 days ago

forgot the mention red/brownish hair

AshErbe 2261 days ago

hahah,, like the color red, kelly?... red orange juice and red (cherry)beer :P

Killjoy_chrissy 2261 days ago

I wont one know!!

OneSmilerSuxx 2261 days ago

Borracha XD

camlawnman 2261 days ago

they say you want real beer go to europe.american beer is mostly water compared to theres.

mandaplz 2261 days ago

Looks delciousss! YUM YUM YUM

rockincanegirl 2261 days ago


thek8lyn 2261 days ago