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Thank you Gold Coast.. -K

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2409 days ago

Thank you Gold Coast.. -K


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beatrizmrm 2065 days ago

Come to Brazil :(((((( I really need to see your concert

ALIS_ALICE 2216 days ago


fanofthekillers 2336 days ago

Thank you,Killers, for the wonderful tour. Thanks, also, for the DVD so we can experience the great feeling of your shows. Please post on the Victims site any news; we're hungry for all and anything. Would love to see you again in Vegas at any small ven

AliceAndradeG 2369 days ago

Pleaseee come to Ecuadorr-Guayaquil

LookItsNiva 2378 days ago

We were right at the very front of the "K". You guys are amazing, I am NEVER going to forget!! Thank you, it made my life

thekillersmad 2396 days ago

Wish I had been there xtkx

misshardrock1 2403 days ago

You made all these people happy by performing in the way only TK can and Brandon you were amazing, so emotional but dedicated to sing after the loss. Thank you

baker_girl 2404 days ago

To say this band's professionalism and dedication to performing is amazing is an understatement. So honoured they resumed their tour to play after Brandon's loss. Thank you.

blradl 2406 days ago

THE CLIMAX...after 8 hard hours of bands I wouldn't see if they were playing in my backyard. Thank YOU

thesetidalwaves 2407 days ago

Very cosy & awesome!

VioletCry 2407 days ago

PLEASE come ATL!! Life is so shallow without you!

Brandylve 2408 days ago

For still making the trip Down Under, considering the last few weeks, its just The best. thank you so much for your dedication.The Killers forever....

_IamEponine 2408 days ago

Thank You Guys..for everything..for real. I Love You. T

TheKillers_Ro 2408 days ago

That's just bc you are so awesome!!!!

Natlaing 2408 days ago


shansquare 2409 days ago

looks like it was a great show. wish i could've been there. brandon's dedication makes me proud to be a killers fan!

misskaryn 2409 days ago

It was the most memorable Killers show I have seen :)

saylorsoul 2409 days ago

by the way I hope your doing well after everything, Brandon.

saylorsoul 2409 days ago

I agree can you please come to san deigo

mellyduarte 2409 days ago

can you guys please come to san diego