Kelly Clarkson


I am Kelly.

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2181 days ago


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hamtarobun 2180 days ago

awww is that really orange juice? i really cant imagine :O

ilovejesus6 2180 days ago

wow. what is that? lol

IamCynthia 2180 days ago

Don't lie, that's your morning Bloody Mary....

Ninz_412 2181 days ago

wht d hck u r crazier than i thought! haha still luv u kel

MariaLoH 2181 days ago

Clean Kelly, hahahahahah!!!!!!

Melissa_KC 2181 days ago

Look at the mess you are making! Clean up Kelly !!!! (:

Lov4music 2181 days ago

It looks like Lady GaGa!It's beautiful and strange...

Awesome_Demi 2181 days ago

blood orange maybe?? i dont like blood orange XD too healthy n un-nice tasting XD

jayna_leflar 2181 days ago

haha, thats so cool. bet it tastes good!! though I probably couldn't drink, it looks kinda messy and liable to stain, I'm way too klutzy for that combination. Maybe if I drank from a straw?? :P

kathylyyin 2181 days ago

Is it blood?maybe u r meeting vampire :P

elisabont 2181 days ago

gosh, what's that?:P

MaliksWife 2181 days ago


SabrinaFromMars 2181 days ago

mhh looks like blood :D

CatariinaS 2181 days ago

Are you a vampire? :p

Niki_BC 2181 days ago

I knew somewhere in Europe you can buy the True Blood drink ;)

cleverpuma 2181 days ago

I Like this!

lainasparetime 2181 days ago

From blood oranges?

AliceSholtoD 2181 days ago

is that blood orange or something? very orange. notsomuch.

GaynorY 2181 days ago

haa looks like Tomato Juice! haa :D

TypicalKelci 2181 days ago

It looks gross lol