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2413 days ago


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kylexynet 2409 days ago

That's brick mortar, right? If the spider can fit inside brick mortar, it's not a very big spider, but, since it's trespassing on your property, you are totally justified in killing it off.

DeepEyesS 2411 days ago

Where the hell did you find it ?

Jacobfan74 2412 days ago

It's hard to tell, pic is blurry. If it is hour-glass shaped and brown and fuzzy it will be poisonous and you can die within 3 days if you are allergic. You do NOT feel it bite either. Be careful please.

CsiCke 2413 days ago

Does the spider look like any of these?? if so KILL IT!!!!

RattyAnn 2413 days ago

kind looks like a wolf spider KILL IT!!

DefineDelicate 2413 days ago


JCarrigon 2413 days ago

I hope you didn't kill it. Spiders are lucky and they eat the bad bugs. We don't have enough spiders in the world.

MckenzieBass13 2413 days ago

you should catch it and use it on an episode of the vampire diaries... it can be a spider that turns people into a vampire with "spidey powers" : )

AliciaGallops 2413 days ago

it should become a dead one..lol.. they freak me out

HotVampireMen 2413 days ago

Looks like a white tip or White tailed. Does it have a white tip on its bum

julianap_94 2413 days ago

Nevermind, it looks like a common house spider. brown recluses are only where I live mostly in Louisiana. I still wouldn't touch it.

julianap_94 2413 days ago

depending on where you live, looks like a brown recluse. DO NOT touch it either way. They are very poisonous and fatal.

BizarreBrie 2413 days ago

A big one? I don't know too blurred. O_o

BetOnAlice711 2413 days ago

Umm depends on where you live on the type. But im not sure.

paulwesleylover 2413 days ago

um.....a soon to be dead one? YUCK!

katattak 2413 days ago