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Big Steps in scrubs!

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2346 days ago

Big Steps in scrubs!


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MissBree29 2343 days ago

did some big steps (poorly) in class last week! :D

MissBree29 2346 days ago

pssh, mine are dope, the other colors? weird blues, greens, and maroon! *barfs* in school again, so im busy too! not much longer tho..

billgreatness 2346 days ago

yeah i been pretty busy lately.its not a bad color,looks fine to me :)

MissBree29 2346 days ago

hey u!! haven't seen ya in a spell!! the only one not wearin lame colors LMAO!!

billgreatness 2346 days ago

haha omg.your doing it now too:p . cute scrubs.

MissBree29 2346 days ago

my form is lame! Aaron makes it look so easy..i almost biffed it after the pic was taken! :D

its_Roux 2346 days ago

lol look at you girlie !!! woOt !!...

MissBree29 2346 days ago

been having a BLAST in class today..going to clinicals tomorrow morning. thx all for the comments, u rock!

SaraSpizarks 2346 days ago

You so crazy, I love it ♥.

DuchessofWells 2346 days ago

Silliness factor very high. I like.

GOTHICVAMPRIP 2346 days ago

nice scrubs girl

Amethyst41 2346 days ago

Sorry for double posting, my internet keeps freezing! Argh!

cindyjscott 2346 days ago

Awesome! You just made our day

Amethyst41 2346 days ago

In true GA fashion I say, "Dude, that's awesome!"

Amethyst41 2346 days ago

In true GA fashion I say "Dude, that's awesome!" lol Plus I am totally jealous because the scrubs I have to wear at work are plum purple. :(

MissBree29 2346 days ago

yaaay!! thx guys! its okay to tell me i suck..LMAO!!! :D

courtney_hunt 2346 days ago

LOL!! Yeah work it girl! Big steps are awesome!! :D

Life_of_Music 2346 days ago

Love it! :D

bansheekat 2346 days ago

ha ha!!!

MissBree29 2346 days ago

i really need to work on my form! Aaron makes it look so easy!!! :D thx ladies!!