Football gossip, WAGs and hot players, oh my!

Captions, people. We need captions.

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2440 days ago

Captions, people. We need captions.


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SmurfGG 2305 days ago

"Guti, I'm so gonna kill you for not telling me to wear a suit..! And I thought you said hot chicks?"

Dostanya 2437 days ago

"Kickettes are here! Cover Guti."
Iker whispers to Guti then uses his hands to cover his whilst Guti just crosses his legs..... Private joke between the two. LOL

FleurdelaMadrid 2437 days ago

I can't see the picture, too!

ichanishka 2437 days ago

i cant see anything!!! wtf??

eatmyboost 2437 days ago

Iker wished that he had a face that people would be even the slightest bit interested in looking at

chasingcars10 2440 days ago

I can't see the picture!

senoraramos 2440 days ago

Screw the captions...'s thighs are banging :)

senoraramos 2440 days ago

As Iker attempts to cover his sligtly open zipper...Guti tries to hide the lipstick on his cheek from us :)

Melissa_Vega 2440 days ago

C'man if you were there women, the last thing you would care about is Iker's jacket (yummy man)!

mejialabi 2440 days ago

"Footballers by day, fashonistas by night."

SianyMacalarny 2440 days ago

"What you trying not to laugh at?" "Your jacket. What are YOU trying not to laugh at?" "Your jacket."

pgrana2 2440 days ago

"No we weren't touching each other before you took the picture...what are you talking about?"

Iker's thighs are amazing. Yum.

ines_del_sol 2440 days ago

Guti: "I wasn't me"

ines_del_sol 2440 days ago

Iker's hands aren't big enough to cover his modesty.

kailynleanne43 2440 days ago

Looks like Guti actually DID book Iker a ticket to the manbag convention.

smelltheglover 2440 days ago

NYC's Fashion Week trend of the year: Direct Free Kicks