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Possibly the best picture I've ever taken. Sweet baby @TheChaseRyan.

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2184 days ago

Possibly the best picture I've ever taken. Sweet baby .


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pokkaspot 2084 days ago

now this is just a thought but is that your brother?

Shay_Shay_JB 2139 days ago

wow they're like twins

woahitsbeckyy 2173 days ago

Jesus' long lost twin. obviously. :]

Lost_Of_Love 2173 days ago

jajja cool super cool

Smiley18184 2183 days ago

haha guess what i learned this weekend i was reading first Corinthians (sp?) and it said that any man who covers his head (w/ long hair) dishonors his head! so ur dishonoring ur head?!

lalaistheway 2184 days ago

Oh my God! I laughed. hahaha It's so cool! :D

irenebarrios 2184 days ago


xo_rissa_xo 2184 days ago

I didn't even know Debby had a brother and he does look a lot like Jesus which is kinda weird :)

NickJInspiredMe 2184 days ago

Haha he looks like his shirt!=]

jonatica2009 2184 days ago

whooo is him??? omg he is so good ajaja no he is cute but who is him?

Doom1992 2184 days ago

Wow! The resemblance is striking ! 8D

Hogger_7000RPM 2184 days ago

Nice one..!!

KnightHipster 2184 days ago

COOL PIC!.and doesnt he and jesus look alike?

hayr16 2184 days ago

Awwwwww I love it!!! Ur brother should be on suite life on deck with u

bozhidartodorov 2184 days ago

Yeah the picture ain't bad!

JessHrituc 2184 days ago

i'm sorry but that dude's hot

ohsnapitsNene 2184 days ago

Awesome Jesus shirt! (whats with the sudden facial hair? lol)

SpookyHelder 2184 days ago

That's her brother...

yolandaaaxo 2184 days ago

Is that Jesus ? Bahaha ! It looks like Jesus :)

luisidd 2184 days ago