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Niagara Falls in winter. Frozen?

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1964 days ago

Niagara Falls in winter. Frozen?


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gemlarin 1954 days ago

And nope, not frozen. You see the whitewater of the rapids below. Large crags of ice form on the rocks below the Falls each winter, but it is undetermined if the Falls ever really froze over, though legend says it has in 1911.

gemlarin 1954 days ago

Ahh, home.

Ericalui 1955 days ago

CANADA Niagara Falls from space, COOL!!

WanneEickler04 1961 days ago

awesome pics thanks for this

Luismadrid1985 1962 days ago

from Spain

Luismadrid1985 1962 days ago

Mamma mia....Thanks for Spain

Amauri_R 1962 days ago

Congelado? nadiinha!

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MarlyIsern 1963 days ago

I went there in winter years ago and now I can see it from the space!! Amazing!

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redgm99 1963 days ago

Didn't realise it was so built up round there - jeez guys have some respect for nature

Nannuk 1963 days ago

GREAT! Niagara Falls, so noch nie gesehn.

xxkoumexx 1964 days ago

大自然の中にあるのだと思ってました! 街中だったとは!!

JanMac1961 1964 days ago

It sure looks frozen! Thank you SO much for all the great photos, you guys! Safe travels.