Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!


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agentzoey 2738 days ago

the demand of the market dictates what will be produced so tell all your cycling friends to demand! :)

rbailey60 2762 days ago

I want that shoe!

mpmcgaughey 2774 days ago

Very cool!

cycling_chris 2775 days ago

OMG i want these sooooooo much.. They are Awesome

aaronspilot 2775 days ago

Those are sweet but when is Nike going to get back in cycling and build cycling shoes for the rest of us.

Dylanstreet 2775 days ago

Holy moly!!! Where can I get a pair!?!?

James_Rai 2775 days ago

See I told you yellow hoods! lol recount the votes!

Moz023 2775 days ago

old skool but sweet

jasonmhenderson 2775 days ago


VeloTraining 2775 days ago

Hey they are just outrageous! Do they make them with high heels? ;-)

duke_ 2775 days ago

lipstick on a pig?

LarrfulBuck 2775 days ago

Awesome! I totally want a pair!

caroviarmes 2775 days ago

Of course! You like playing with twitteri, don't you ?

caroviarmes 2775 days ago

Of course! You like playing with twitteri, isn't you ?

EvilSue 2775 days ago

ok now thats pretty neat closer up

scottjoy 2775 days ago

Love 'em.

surfadventure 2775 days ago

I understand the marketing power of nike.....but small businesses and those who don't blindly drink the water are not a fan.

GrayM 2775 days ago

Too fussy!

mccandrj 2775 days ago


iamkinch 2775 days ago

Those are sweet!