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Adventure Quest fans might recognize this guy.

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1618 days ago

Adventure Quest fans might recognize this guy.


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LeoAQW 1612 days ago

is there a possibility we can become a Werepyre with Guardian Verification????

Brega_AE 1617 days ago

Man that brings back memories of my werepyer character on AQ

BurstGB 1617 days ago

IZ mai buddy wolfwing

DEALWITHEET 1617 days ago

i know ,-, but i can't remenber the name /facepalm

Vamparagon 1617 days ago

Brings back AQ Memories ;P I like the revamp!

MrSebi 1617 days ago

The next lord of chaos? no? darn!

AlanzaDemonica 1617 days ago

Heyyyy! Wolfwing!

snipers 1617 days ago

Very disappointing, Didn't seem like much work went into him, he is basically a werewolf recolored with bat wings.

http://img122.imageshack.us/img122/2263/newwolfwing6sv.png Old Pic of a werepyre


New pic http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/647

xSaojuNx 1617 days ago

Wolfwing in AQW at last? Sure brings back a load of fond memories.

_Alethia 1617 days ago

lol! I really like this werepyre version way better than AQ ._.

kingkah69 1617 days ago


ZeoTheIceElf 1617 days ago

Doe's this mean Nightbane might appear to? he was my fave AQ character :P

ddungeonmasterz 1617 days ago

was hoping he be armored

MrXoLL 1617 days ago

:OO cool // Can he be a pet to?? that whold be cool!

SS_AQW 1617 days ago

Is that Wolfwing? He honestly looks smaller and less threatening then he did during his appearance in AQ.

GermainGM 1617 days ago

That Werepyre looks pretty good!

BurceChuat 1617 days ago

O.O EPIC! I never imagined him to look that good...he looks better than Werewolves. Wow.

DiablezzoAE 1617 days ago

I hope the werepyre faction will be for AC.

Crystal_Lion 1617 days ago

Wolfwing,werepyre leader!But will the werepyre faction be available in AQW?

AQWUser 1617 days ago