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Love at first bite =D

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2442 days ago

Love at first bite =D


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ShadowMaster999 2137 days ago


ddungeonmasterz 2419 days ago

is luck sword ment to be member or non beleen

ddungeonmasterz 2419 days ago

beleen i beat you score by a point 54 is my score lol

ddungeonmasterz 2422 days ago

why will lepy not be released...

Zalkreai 2438 days ago

So cute!

SirLancelotR2 2440 days ago


fernandocroriz 2441 days ago

Nice pet beleen!

ddungeonmasterz 2441 days ago what u guys think should i give or not

MrXoLL 2442 days ago

i have allready eat up mine :s so buyd a new one :D

Crystal_Lion 2442 days ago

Cute guy!So he's a walking ball of pancake?

aqwkillssouls 2442 days ago

borwn chongo with syrup!

Ropun_TSD 2442 days ago

Pancake pet! :D

Artix229 2442 days ago

I bought him and... let's just say I had a pancake fluffy ball for breakfast.

DrewDudez 2442 days ago

I'm sure all that fur would give me indigestion. Besides, if i lug that thing around Yulgar's he'd make me clean it up and so I wont bother with him.

DatIbby 2442 days ago

How could you eat him? I like that he was ac's, that way I can store him in the infini-bank.

AQW_Datshadow 2442 days ago

Sorry i already did D= But Will there be a pancake armor? cause thats all that smissing in a shop. Jk hes safe stuck on my leg.

_Darkot_ 2442 days ago

i make no promises xD

_Darkot_ 2442 days ago

i make no promises xD

BeleenAE 2442 days ago

This little guy is in the Pancake Day Shop inside Yulgar's Inn! But plz... don't eat him!!