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Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

New Caledonia. So close to heaven.

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2415 days ago

New Caledonia. So close to heaven.


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alineom 2411 days ago

New Caledonia from space!! It's also beautiful!

boromdole 2413 days ago

Que suerte tienes Astro, poder estar tan cerca del cielo, Gracias por compartirlo !!!!

myscottishfitba 2414 days ago

Looks like its reaching out and stretching itself to breaking point

xxkoumexx 2414 days ago

行ってみたいな♪ 素敵な所なんでしょうね★ 

nasu_kazu 2414 days ago


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iam_blu 2414 days ago

beautiful..tnx for sharing...:))

biora_a 2414 days ago


liahaz 2415 days ago

Thanks Astro Soichi you pictures are so beautiful...I hope to see more interesting pictures from you

caramel_parfait 2415 days ago


genkinomorimori 2415 days ago

Kiss in blue heaven 連れって行ってねぇ~ダーリン♪20数年前です♪

YAJIRUSIYA 2415 days ago


yuumick 2415 days ago


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marioguimaraes 2415 days ago

Fantastic. Everybody in the world should see these pictures, think, meditate and take care....

jonathanbrown2 2415 days ago

Woudlnt believe how nice the earth looks :)

NamikoF 2415 days ago

..Kanaky blue ;-> Feb 19, 2010 04:19 a.m.JST.

drn_wong 2415 days ago

The ocean is so beautiful!

nidnoy 2415 days ago

Very Beautiful color.
Thanks Astro_Soichi for sharing of our beautiful planet.

nyasmanor 2415 days ago