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deeply disturbing but lovely illusion....

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2525 days ago

deeply disturbing but lovely illusion....


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GoJoTV 2525 days ago

Unfortunately, for this illusion to work in real life, the guy would have to walk around all day looking to the left... Unless his facepaint image is "Sartre".

AlyzabethM 2525 days ago

That's cool!

TheSundryC 2525 days ago

Photoshop bingo: the rightmost eye is the exact same as the 'middle' one. Interesting. But ugly I think. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

orsakverkan 2525 days ago

The rightmost eye is clearly photoshopped. It's identical to the real right eye, just a bit smaller.

araispoetry 2525 days ago

That 3rd eye looks so real! I call photoshop on it. Good facepaint though!

elsie_em 2525 days ago

It's frightening me. Is the rightmost eye painted on?