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Who Was I Partying With Today?

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1836 days ago

Who Was I Partying With Today?


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jericho4life 1798 days ago

Chris your the man.

ToriFromUkraine 1798 days ago

chris jericho is the best ever=)))

LauraAntoniaC 1832 days ago

Looks like the mob here isgetting ready to take on the world! Lol! Can I join please? Lol

MojoDisciple 1834 days ago

That's a fucking kick ass photo sir! Very metal! \m/

nowila 1834 days ago

chris u look so charming

dehlia666 1834 days ago

You are so freakin you ever think to yourself 'I've got a really sweet life'? :-)

i_love_jericho 1834 days ago

sweet picture:D

christophfan33 1835 days ago

this pic is cool! and you look amazing

MetalEmpress 1835 days ago

This photo is sweet!! #Metal

CheyRouge 1835 days ago

Jericho's scarf looks like my purse lol

TheRealDanDay 1835 days ago

Jericho, the scarf seems REALLY out of place with the motley crew you are standing with.

xroads_demoness 1835 days ago

looks like he's daydreaming about putting his coat on lol

alliep0p 1835 days ago


LadyLorena1 1835 days ago

Yeah, Party Hard!! :D

buddhaformaria 1835 days ago

uh...great scarf, chris...but your smile just looks...not real...but nice ;)

RKO4LIFE617 1835 days ago


Alnora 1835 days ago

Too much awesomeness in one photo. I cannot look!

edenfire_Paul 1835 days ago

megadave and chuck. Awesome

PaulJWeston 1835 days ago

Zakk Wylde is in the photo too, a day with Zakk, Vinnie Paul, Chuck Billy, Rob Halford, Andrew WK and DAVE FREAKING MUSTAINE?!!! You Jericho, are the man

jericho4life 1835 days ago

Chris is the best at what he does.