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1991 days ago


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minnieyoyoyo 1990 days ago

i need this magazine!

OhDangJessi 1991 days ago

woohoo. nice. too bad. i'm not going. but i am def. getting that magazine. :D

KylieSon 1991 days ago

March 19th! I'm so stoked (: I'm most excited to see Every Avenue, of course (;

Hoogie14 1991 days ago

issue cover is awesome, cant wait for back to back shows in columbus and cleveland, plus the tigers are in town that weekend, dont know if you follow em

dangergianni 1991 days ago

BDales :D

MegKaiser88 1991 days ago

Yay little !! Sad no or and comp.

darrenpiss 1991 days ago

this. this is nice. i would jack off to this. ...whoa what... I'm sorry I'm really off today. ignore me.

missalynn21 1991 days ago

love it!!

_shamelyss 1991 days ago

mmmm. chris drew..oooooh... chris and cassadee would be a lovely couple posibly..hmm..and ooh dave:)

emilyrogal 1991 days ago

lol christofer drew.

LOVEISINMYNAME2 1991 days ago


IzzyySmiles 1991 days ago

seeing hey monday, nevershoutnever, the summer set, and every avenue before the ap tour starts. hoping that the cab is confirmed. #neversayneverfestival

Oh_Heather 1991 days ago

OMG! I hope this is the cover I get when I get in the mail, or else I'm going to be pissed. Goshhhhhh and

angonthecoast 1991 days ago

DAVE! He should be the one in the middle!

ALYS0N 1991 days ago

TheBeeSet 1991 days ago

DAMN, I am so excited ! LIKE GAH! May. 5th :)

Meeaagaann 1991 days ago

omg i cant wait for that tour ts almost here yayyyy