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Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

As I mentioned, Mr.President, Grand Canyon is breathtaking!

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2487 days ago

As I mentioned, Mr.President, Grand Canyon is breathtaking!


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Ranjeevs 2471 days ago

Jumping here from the sky. What an idea!!

ldrpv 2472 days ago


chelocanalla 2473 days ago

que locura!!!!soichi MAESTRO

chanwalling 2474 days ago


Quimneto 2481 days ago

Não há palavras para descrever tal paisagem de nosso pequeno ponto azul perdido nos confins de uma galáxia.

Hexactinellida 2481 days ago

magnificus ¡¡¡

freakontheway 2482 days ago

WOW, I've seen it some times from the ground and the air, but space is even better! as others said too: inspiring and spectacular!

mrtyamiro 2483 days ago

parece que são varias folhas secas encima da neve

simionato 2483 days ago


flyingdaveo 2483 days ago


Javiete 2484 days ago


davicho335 2484 days ago

Esto nos demuestra cuan maravilloso es nuestro planeta... Cuidémoslo para que sea cada día más bello....Muchas gracias por las fotos....!!

trujillo66 2484 days ago

scar. amazing!

xeradicha 2485 days ago

How about a picture of the new bridge over Hoover Dam?

marcelosalinax 2485 days ago

wow !

smidgen65 2485 days ago

It does look like ice crystals. Amazing

myscottishfitba 2485 days ago

funny how the land mass areas look like ice crystals spreading out

potdom 2485 days ago

fentről se néz ki rosszul a Grand Canyon

gabbiux 2486 days ago

Muy hermosa vista señor Astro Sichi. Gracias!

JanMac1961 2486 days ago

How neat that it looks inverted! Looks like the Canyon is on top of the peaks!