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Shadowslayer X, compliments of Miltonius!

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2378 days ago

Shadowslayer X, compliments of Miltonius!


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guiltius 2051 days ago

undenyably one of the best in the game, just like this is gonna be

ThierryRamos2 2088 days ago

Please see the picture :D

Robot_Tweets 2330 days ago

I wish they didn't change this from X to Z. =/

Crystal_Lion 2345 days ago

Tense shoulders?Maybe they should be a bit more relaxed,along with a slightly longer,clearly defined neck?

Trydeth 2345 days ago

I see what you are talking about but from what I can tell its not the neck. Its the shoulders. The way they are locked into place like that creates tension and makes the neck seem overly short.

Crystal_Lion 2345 days ago

Perhaps a slightly longer neck would make the armor look more proportional.

Crystal_Lion 2345 days ago

Now that I look at it,it appears that both Z and the Shadowslayer female armor have short necks.It just doesn't look right with the bust placed so high.

NalokAE 2357 days ago

...All that's showing is cleavage. Jesus Christ riding a flaming motorcycle, She's been changed but people can't stop whining about the original. They Changed It Now It Sucks indeed.

HSsai 2376 days ago

difrent and AC version of sword plz /cry

HSsai 2376 days ago

cy why did ya make shadowslayer armor mem couldnt u of made it AC cuz in my country i cant get mem easily i dont even know if i even can and ACs are easy to get for me so i kno u probably cant remake that but could u make a AC version just not to much dif

ANAneychik 2376 days ago

It didn't, they had to conform to these 'tard's demands...

McShmoopie 2377 days ago

Honestly, i hope this goes into the game as-is for once. it's sad when people can't handle their own perversity and try to enforce a biblical dress code on a GAME.

RockmanF 2377 days ago

Shadowslayer X... uh... any relation to Maverick Hunter X at all? Lol

chriszx93 2377 days ago

wow-My post was so long, it didn't fit XD

chriszx93 2377 days ago

Guys -__- Calm down. Sheesh. Isn't this game SUPPOSE to be for kids 13 years or older? We have the moglin servers, but for kids UNDER 13. And there are alot of T rated games that have this. But for example, unlike MOST t rated games, AQW or the team NEVER

stankoviclaw 2377 days ago

Wow, nice & sexy :D
but can you remove the necklace, its little annoying :(

_Alethia 2377 days ago

Can't wait to get the armor

ANAneychik 2377 days ago

Don't change it, for the love of the Godz, don't change it

AsifDekel 2377 days ago

More like Shadowslayer XXX.
Seriously, AE. Seriously.

ANAneychik 2377 days ago

AQWXyo: Up until a certain age children wouldn't really care, and after that no harm will come of something so mediocre anyhow, I the armour looks nice.