Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

My time 4 the 1st ever twitter TT. @chrislieto 2nd - 15 secs back. Post ur times here. Thx for coming out!

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2350 days ago

My time 4 the 1st ever twitter TT. 2nd - 15 secs back. Post ur times here. Thx for coming out!


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ste960 2340 days ago


EstefiStef 2340 days ago

i do the same . i never look the km counter. Only when i have finished

hawaidolphinboy 2347 days ago

MY guess for power would be 416!!

cyclinggeorge 2348 days ago

Thanks for the TT. You are a true ambassador for the sport and the cause! 23:09 for me.

ryabusa 2348 days ago

: I did some old skool dimensional analysis math and according to the numbers here on the computer, distance was right around 10.8 miles.

ericharr 2349 days ago

Lance was a gracious host and gentleman on this TTT. I'm showing my thanks by giving back to LIVESTRONG. Who's with me?

Julianpelusa 2349 days ago

Armstrong habé si tienes las balls de poner las cosas in spanish pa que we nos shit in your muertos

flycycle 2349 days ago

This is the COOLEST thing a pro cyclist or triathlete has ever done! Wish it was in BC, Canada...some day hopefully?

huhlistic 2349 days ago

couldn't he have gone faster without a support car behind him blocking the tail wind?

danielbrown17 2349 days ago

Thanks for the Twitter TT! My time was also 23:15. Good luck this season and we'll look forward to your return to the Big Island.

JustRidingKona 2349 days ago

Thanks for making the Big Island even more fun than ever. The Twitter TT was such a treat! 23:15 on my road bike today. Kick ass in July and come back and see us again.

bubblesfhm 2349 days ago

That new and improved position looks like its working for you. Hope you give em hell in Rotterdam and get up there where you belong. Glad you blotted out the Watts as thats for you and Johan to giggle about.

CAMAROOOOOOO 2349 days ago

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CAMAROOOOOOO 2349 days ago


cotterjp 2349 days ago

Wow! The power control 7 is beautiful.

ericharr 2349 days ago

Takeaways from the first-ever TTT with Lance a) the man is a pure class act, b) time trials burn and c) it all went down because of Twitter. Congrats, all, for blazing the Queen K!

mikeharris7 2349 days ago

watts = 528? Just taking a stab at it.

Teddygetitwet 2350 days ago

Post the power YOU softy....

sprintaholic 2350 days ago

Hey Lance...we got a great race you can use as a tune-up to test those watts! Several Pro's are coming too!

U did Cross Vegas...why not a SR?

RunRamsey 2350 days ago

I went off after Eric Harr and was blessed and lucky to be part of such a cool event. I am very happy with the result, kept my eye on the prize and finished up with the big boys at just under 21min. Beautiful Day!