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Best. Outfit. EVER!

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2533 days ago

Best. Outfit. EVER!


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ThierryRamos2 2242 days ago

Please see the picture :D

Avgg_AQW 2520 days ago

I doubt that they made it JUST for him, they said its been made for a long time, just waiting for the right time to release it...

Javiersito2 2532 days ago

Guys! stop flaming! Color Custom Draconian was made for Lord Deathwing, he has been asking for it for a very long time, and I have witnessed it. So the only reason why they have released it now, is because Lord Deathwing has been wanting them to. He is a

AlanzaDemonica 2532 days ago

Lol! Good one.

x1x2x3x_AE 2532 days ago

if is not rare, i wont keep it -.-

ddungeonmasterz 2532 days ago

you have a sick mind...if you cant be nice then shut the *** up

GUYTHATSRANDOM 2532 days ago

u guys r homos who suck ballz

GUYTHATSRANDOM 2532 days ago

all u guys r homos who suck monkey ballz fuckin pecker heads

DatIbby 2532 days ago

*cough* Pancake Dragon! *cough*

FuroreAQW 2533 days ago

I have hedge trimmers for your toenails, just poke me when you need them pruned.

Brainfreez_AE 2533 days ago

Testified Sistah!!!!

Sammicolon 2533 days ago

Pancakes! :D

ShadowLord101 2533 days ago

You look like barney....on breakfast

Alan685 2533 days ago


SoraToHoshi 2533 days ago

Gives a whole new meaning to IHop!

AQW_Datshadow 2533 days ago

Oh and will there be a pancake armor later? and even a pancake pet maybe?

AQW_Datshadow 2533 days ago

Furore's lucky he never had Barlog or AP or all the classes but since he became a mod He got EVERY CLASS redstar sword blue star sword and yeah lol

QuestionMarkAQW 2533 days ago

Why would it be Furore, where is this?

McShmoopie 2533 days ago

Pancakes!!!!!!! =D

DiablezzoAE 2533 days ago

If he's Furore in disguise then?