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NEW PIC: George, Sam and Molly... Can it last?  #beinghuman

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2265 days ago

NEW PIC: George, Sam and Molly... Can it last? #beinghuman


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LyraGW 2244 days ago

no way XD

LizKS48 2252 days ago

I love George even with his goofy ears. ;D He looks so cute in this pic.

dark_swan 2260 days ago

I don't think so. George jumped too fast into that situation (but I must say I loved the chat Molly and George had on eps 6. Ah, the wisdom of kids...) #beinghuman

Myxomatosissss 2262 days ago

Definate No. Molly clearly doesnt like George and i say how can you hate him?

Lionesskeeper 2264 days ago

No, I'm afraid their doomed. He's still in love with Nina #beinghuman #teamgeorge teamnina #teamgeorgexnina #teamgeorgelovesnina

shohga 2265 days ago

I'm digging Molly's boots.

SLR_89 2265 days ago

Molly reminds me of Estha from The Orphan!!!

JaredofMo 2265 days ago

I can already tell that next episode, it's all over. 'Cuz I'm psycho. Er... Psychic.

kimmbass 2265 days ago

i bloody well hope not!

Rebekahdg 2265 days ago

'bout as long as his shoes were in style, never.

Complier13 2265 days ago

I can answer your question.

lenimandell 2265 days ago


lenimandell 2265 days ago

No & George wasn't happy with Nina either; they fought all the time. He's an uptight, fickle, nostalgic, drama queen. And selfish for putting Molly & Sam at risk without warning them. He lives in denial & will never be happy until he owns up to his real s

mybrightidea 2265 days ago

Sam's the only person who looks happy there lol. He's meant to be with Nina!

hellofrancine 2265 days ago

I actually like Sam and Molly, but I think he's meant to be with Nina...

daisyrock666 2265 days ago

In a word? No.