Soichi Noguchi 野口 聡-


Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

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Icy Aral Sea.

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1672 days ago

Icy Aral Sea.


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BriefVentures 1662 days ago


Hexactinellida 1665 days ago

soo dry (warm and artificial agronomics)

ory_b 1667 days ago

This is wonderful...

robinsonfmr 1667 days ago

Incredible. thanks for sharing with us.....

JOSIASFLORES 1667 days ago

Sorprendente, no sabía que el mar de Aral tambien se congelaba... y mira si era cierto

davicho335 1668 days ago

Thanks for the pictures...!!!

rawrrdoll 1668 days ago

I really love this picture

Freddylin 1668 days ago

it is amazing, thanks for sharing them with us

Barl_ASS 1669 days ago

Our beautiful world ^^ I luv it !!

potdom 1670 days ago

bámulatos :O

kiitos2010 1670 days ago


jonathanbrown2 1670 days ago

hey can you get a picture of the UK :) would love to see what it looks like from up there :) you guys are doing great

trash_box 1670 days ago


tomokoaurelie 1671 days ago

うわぁ~!! 神秘的です。

OhisamaYoko 1671 days ago

I see two dinosaurs nose-kissing each other^^

JJkuko 1671 days ago


tanny_tavc 1671 days ago

-- am i the only one who see dinosaurs in this pic??

NamikoF 1671 days ago

lOlilOli_pOp 1671 days ago


dfd_kuroa 1671 days ago

青い海が綺麗で良かったです。 Thank You.